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BOLT B4 DEVGRU with Long Suppressor BRSS Airsoft Recoil AEG

The BOLT B4, Features powerful recoil movement, high capacity shooting rate, high compatibility with other brands’ parts, and can be used with low voltage batteries. They are the Star of the new generation of recoil equipped AEGs. Because the B4 series has such a high performance recoil action, which is really close to a real .22 carbine rifle, YOU JUST CAN’T MISS IT!
  • UK spec versions normally have a velocity of: 95m / s (310fps) 
  • 1:1 full scale, 
  • Stock made by one piece of T6 aluminum alloy, 
  • Ventilation Grip Base (Metal). 
  • Use traditional magazine (TM type), no need to buy the special type mag
Built Material        Aluminum/ABS, Nylon & Glass Fiber and Steel
Shooting Modes        Semi, Full-auto
Magazine Capacity     300rnd
Length                767mm-851mm t.b.c.
Weight                2850g t.b.c.
Hop-up                Adjustable
Blow-back             Yes
Recoil shock          B.R.S.S system
Power                 95m/s(312fps)
Power Source          7.4V 22C(Li-Po) or 11.1V 15C(Li-Po) or 9.6V(Ni-mh or Ni-Cd)

N.B. Do not use batteries with higher discharge ratings then specified above.

Especially on 11.1 voltage batteries, higher discharge ratings can cause overspin on initial use, this can cause massive damage to gears. 

Bolt B4 DEVGRU With Long Suppressor BRSS Recoil System AEG - Just Cause AIrsoft

  • Brand: BOLT
  • Product Code: BOLT B4 DEV long supp
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